When the postcard traveled to the city

I wished upon a December sunlight, that your body, your words would rub against mine when you would step outside to feel that no door can hold your light. I lie down in the bathtub, bleeding with memoirs of how we as animals have destroyed hearts over whiskies and bodies over romance yet I see…

The Bitter Truth

Raw emotions,same clothes and nothing but just a bitter truth.

Things to Never Forget

We believe that love is going to fix us in such a way that we won’t feel the darkness again.But to be honest, it keeps us in the Illusion of depending on one where all your emotions would revolve around. I think, this love has ruined us in many ways. I can’t really think of…

Lust For Words

How often I would hold you close and slip my words under your pants. Holding you close enough to smell the fragrance that you gifted me last Christmas. For I know that silence treats us well but honey there’s a chaos between my fingers. Words and love have been the poison to many then why…

Lust For Words

I found you in the crystals, clear as droplets. Raw, kissed by darkness, they managed to create a void within me to be filled by your words.