Little Red Dress – I

I am scared to let my dress go off.
For I see you, standing next to me with my favorite scent.
I hope you remember that I loved it when you would wear that perfume and roam around with love.
I fell in love with how you described the gift with the tears.
I am scared,to let you know of my feelings for I know that you will be miles apart by secretly my heart wants to know about yours.
Of this magic can’t be just in my words but ours.
Do you remember how magic was weaved while standing under a tree with our lips ready to explore like they were the first traveller of this body.
Of course they were, because this time they would explore without any inhibitions but following this ridiculous terminology called love.
I am scared, that I might start running again behind you and tell you that love, my darling is a crazy reality and you make me live in it.
Every morning I wake up and I am naked like your favorite flower.
Water my chest with kisses, pluck skins with deep nails.
Bleed with bites and hold me close to never let me go.
Oh my words,they run wild but you don’t.
Aren’t you in love,honey?
Are you still hiding it like my favorite perfume that I want to use it again ?.
I am scared, that I might faint while listening to you.
What have you done to a writer?
Oh lord, I have forgotten about sadness but I just remember you.
You have replaced my entire sadness of poetry.
What are you now ?
I can’t call you just a muse,too unfair to my emotions.
I am scared,to say that you are my love.
For I am scared of headaches.
What if it is too scary that you run away from me.
Miles and miles apart and i don’t want to let go off you.
Hold me, please ?
Be my words, lover ?


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