Letter to the loved one

Out of all the things , we should accept that every once in a while we have to stop chasing the love that we thought would fill the void. We are selfish human beings and we try to chase the perfect ones, the ones that won’t ever trace your skin like the hot shower. They aren’t going to kiss you like how you would do when it would your first time.
You know yourself,more than anyone.
And all this while,you have been looking and thinking about that person to whom you can’t convey your feelings.
Think about it, is chasing the real answer to love.
For how many times you have fallen while making an attempt to bring the favorite flower to your bed of roses.
She would know it all, but honey, she has a void as well and even if she doesn’t have one, let’s not create more.
Every time we enter this field which smells beautiful,you need to remind yourself of blood that is going to be lost in this war.
Aren’t you lost again in the words? I know the second you would be coming to this line you would question your love, obsession, infatuation. Think about how many mixtapes and words you planned for her.
For you wanted to keep that extra love in her arms, but you know that’s the point of love.
You arent just the only one facing the wrath of it, there are millions.
Your heart is going to get broken.
Her favorite song will be yours too.
But in the end,you will turn out to be a lover of nothing but sadness.
I hope you don’t turn like me.
I hope, you don’t.


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