Lust For Words

I remember the smell of the fresh love that blossomed when I saw you sitting next to me. I could feel the rush inside me of how my hand wanted to greet you and your existence. I believe the kid in me just wanted to see how you looked after people described that you were supposedly beautiful.But every time i noticed you, I noticed nothing but just that you loved being in your diary that was full of words.
You know when I came to your house, for studies,of course, I wanted to read all of it.
A part of me wanted to see myself from your eyes and how you would think about my mixtapes.
By the way? Have you heard the last one that I hid under your table ?.
I hope you did. The last song reminds me of your eyes. Is this letter too big ? I cant Really can’t because I am writing this on the back of my friend who promised me to drive till your place. They are really good.
They told me that I dream about you a lot.
Honestly I don’t but sometimes I feel that if we were to hold hands together,i would burn in emotions and you in accepting the fact that love out of all the misery happened to you.


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