Lust For Words

c32b60b25e42eda1788a96c75150a018How often I would hold you close and
slip my words under your pants.
Holding you close enough to smell
the fragrance that you gifted me last Christmas.
For I know that silence treats us well but
honey there’s a chaos between my fingers.
Words and love have been the poison to many
then why not us.Let me love you the way a man
has never done. Make your lips remember that
pain is the most beautiful thing on this planet.
And every kiss would be a story worth jumping
off from a bridge.You know I had this dream where
you were the ocean and I was a paper that could float
on you. Every wave would define my next word and
soon a storm would complete one. Roar,scream and
stay still for I am a traveler.Every morning you won’t
ask me where are we but maybe get up and ask me, Are we going
to stay? Oh, darling, I wish I could tell you that you
were forever stitched in my memory than any other
scar on my body.


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