The Rejection

Words arrested the details that your face had when I saw you, drenched in tears,Clear as my intentions that I will be rushing to my room and writing about you again and again. As sadness pulled over, I knew that love just left the door unlocked and you were at darkness’s address.

Apply words on the wounds and I swear they will fix you, is what my emotions would have told you but rather we both decided to stand and held you in words like a cloud which is about to worst.

Nobody informed me about the storm that I was chasing that a lot of burglars have tried on you but none of them could steal your mask.
But I saw you raw, sitting on my lap like a desk and a table.
You knew that I would offer you my favorite pen and you will weave magic with ink and tears to make words disappear sooner or later.
I remembered all of them. Rather my words did. You cursed, you broke, you became a puzzle. You ran,you stumbled upon and you landed up staring at the sky.
You looked at your favorite moon because the night always was your best companion and I was yet another void that you won’t be able to fill.
But I stood there to fill my void.
My hands explored your lips like they were to tell me secrets .
Secrets that only world wont know but just us.
Wrapped like a glass in my arms, you cry about the love that was never yours.
Look inside these arms, what do you see in this love that I call magic with words ?


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