Things to Never Forget



We believe that love is going to fix us in such a way that we won’t feel the darkness again.But to be honest, it keeps us in the Illusion of depending on one where all your emotions would revolve around.

I think, this love has ruined us in many ways.
I can’t really think of anyone else apart from you.
For my fingers ache to hold your hand under the table.
I won’t use love for you.
Let every other guy use it.
In fact, I hate you for making me fall for grey and turquoise at the same time.
For telling me that you want to dance with me while getting drunk at your favorite bar.
What are we? We don’t talk anymore and now this void,this love,where do I carry the rest of it. They(emotions) don’t need other home because you were the one that would understand each cell of mine.
I hate you for ruining my neck in such a way that the world would notice that a photographer has the ability to bite the art and make it yours. I really hate you now that I am so used to your fragrance that i can’t smell coffee and for me, that is a big issue,honey.
I believe that our love was made for Polaroids and not frames for you and me were made for movie screens.


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