The Bitter Truth


I wonder how did we exist together? For i knew that i loved you for the wrong reasons and out of all the people, you made more sense to me. The world knew the love, and I loved you without you knowing the depth of each word that i wrote. I remember the pain that I went through while leaving spaces between words. It felt the same when you took the train to the nearest station when we had our first fight. I cried the whole night while writing words that I don’t remember now. It’s funny how love makes you the person you are often afraid of becoming one. The one that people are not going to love. Suddenly you will turn to sadness and find a brilliant home where you can sleep with a pillow filled with tears to accompany you as a new lover rather than actually touching the lips of a lover. I believe this kind of sadness leads you to the level of emotions where you are nothing but just a bundle of memories. A perfect morning yet i see nothing in the mirror.

Raw emotions,same clothes and nothing but just a bitter truth. How long will it take you to come back and tell me that Hey, darling, I couldn’t live the moment of darkness without you. I guess I needed you because you were the exact kind of repelling darkness that my heart needed. That my lips needed when they would touch yours. They would often tell me that you are in need of love and I was gifted every night with a poem.



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