A Modern Day Love Story


Day 19th and i remember how we finalized on the text that we will be meeting today. I used to see you daily but I wish my introvert personality would have taken a rest after noticing that you and your jeans perfectly fit the tall legs and somehow I would smile back at you.

Till day 10th, you were my waving friend and we often use to see each other with people that we weren’t aware of. But one fine day, I completely forgot about you and I decided to stick on my usual planning, Staying on alcohol and reminding myself that I have many voids to fill and love ain’t my priority.

My white jacket matched your blush when we saw each other half-drunk, in the state where we would finally talk and ask each other what we won’t be able to the next day.

I remember your name and I constantly registered because somehow I wanted to text you and send you my poems. Give you hints that I am made up of words and soon you will be weaved into the magic of being called as a muse. To heck with this world, I wanted to touch your lips and tell you that you will be giving a name to my poems, telling me that for the first time, my pen and I would be writing without tears to accompany on three words.

To the ashes with cigarattes that would burn the museums if you were to walk-in.For I knew that the moment you were to ask me whom do i write for ? I would be ready with 10 poems to tell you that ” Hey, I can’t afford flowers but just words for you “.

Somehow you saw the pain through words,by words I mean text because till this date, I haven’t met you properly.Just seen you around,Told you about my words,Feelings maybe?

What I were to do if we were to go out maybe for a coffee.

But hey? look at me. I am waiting for you , at the door. For this first time, I will be breathing love infront of you and you would be inhaling all of it without knowing the intensity that I fell for something that people would say infatuation.

I want to make it clear. I wish as a writer you were an infatuation because it would pain less and I out of all will be over with it. But haven’t you seen me in public, I carry a sad face like the brightest smile. I know I am going to walk miles with you . Laugh and tell you my favorite songs and we would listen to it . Hey, I am going to rush into telling you things that I haven’t told to my best-friends, because my heart feels that you should know everything and my heart feels that you will trust my memories and store it without throwing it the next second. Somehow my senses believe that you have a heart that needed these stories. We are bound to share an awkward silence and ask each other how could we talk so much on text and nothing while sipping coffee?

In this exact moment, I swear I will hand this piece to you and tell you that I stored all the exact details of the bar and you in my memories, telling the world that you are somehow my favorite muse and I know everything about you.

But I don’t. I know.

So Do you mind sharing this awkward silence of hearts with me ?


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