I am Actually Not Sad.


The reason why I am writing this piece is because a lot of times as humans we have this tendency of caring for people and asking them why are you always sad? What is that one thing that is bothering you?

The moment you will ask me these questions, I am bound to frame so man memories and that would eventually make me sad, make me think that I have enough reasons to be sad.

You know I have been sad and you haven’t seen that. Trust me its worth than your recent break-up where you found love in a new club. As a writer or let’s say as a human being I think a lot. That is in me. It drives me crazy to think about each and every scenario. At some point of time I start questioning my existence or whether I matter to people or not?

Am I bugging them too much or are they tired of my sadness.Everyday, before going to bed, I talk to myself and tell myself that Hey, You need to be happy and prove the world that you need to be sad or rather you will end up being sad.

People like me are termed as loners of the society because of the sadness they carry. Suddenly people around me will start fading and I would know the exact reason why.

I already know that by the time you will reach to this sentence you will be talking with your friends about how sad I am nowadays. Am i sad?. May be or maybe not.

Sometimes it depends on what I am thinking. The point here is, I am not actually sad.

I tend to think while talking, I observe, I get annoyed if things go differently, If i am struck with some memory that would drive me crazy enough to lower down my excitement about your new dress. For people, I write words and some believe I need sadness for it.

Sometimes, it helps.Sometimes, I have to help myself and pick my pieces so that you can come again and ask me why am i always a sad prick? Am I?

I know how many people you must be talking and discussing that hey, have you seen his face? He is always in pain? Your friend will tell you that this was the reason he/she distanced himself from me. I would agree to it but I fail to remember why he/she would judge me without knowing my story.

You know, Loneliest are the people who believe that they are lonely even if they have a rose that would make them bleed.

But a sincere apology to the people, in-front of whom I have had this huge sad face.

I am sorry to disappoint you that I am not going to have another heartbreak because I am already dealing with the ashes of the past one.

I am actually not sad. But I would love to have you here and ask me in the eyes that am I person who can be happy?

I will answer you without sadness in my poems.


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