Why we end up chasing ex-lovers


It would be unfair to not think about you while writing this letter. How can I even forget the reason why we left each other and how words couldn’t form the heart that we both wanted. I remember that we believed in the same ideology that love existed wehn the souls were of the similar manner.

Look at us now. Surrounded by people who are new to us yet I am not able to find you again. I made a selfish promise to myself thst I won’t let love knock the door of my heart again. But look at this young girl lying beside me who just made love behind the curtains how can I tell her that I have never kissed you but I have kissed this young lady? That i desired for once to be touched by love and nothing else.

I believe that there is something about you, may be pain, may be love or say both making a perfect blend of why I crave for you. A sense of something that is not complete, say my arms or my feelings.

My emotions have ranged like a thermometer when it comes to you. I have hated you, I have loved you irrespective of your lovers on board. How selfish love could get , i got to know when you desired the other men in the neighborhood to tell you that your morning face is gorgeous.

That exact moment i was struggling with tears like i am struggling right now. When you are emotional, words won’t come to you and you will end up getting mad at every single good thing that exists around you. You are bound to run and chase love just how I did.

In that fashion, I lost you like my favorite wave in the nearest lake.

I stared, I craved and I begged for nothing but to see it again.

How lost you were to make me believe that you won’t be returning for you had pain to offer.

But you know my heart, my words allowed you to form a home that was always yours.

Oh honey, haven’t I told you that I am waiting for your lips to touch mine and tell me that you hate the storms and you want to run towards me again? Make me believe that I am not in love and you out of all are jealous that I have the love again and you don’t.

Oh honey, are we going to utter those words and tell each other without hiding that even if we are dead from inside, we are in love. Aren’t we?

Oh honey, you have always been mine for you never left my body.

It aches of your touch, your emotions, your words.

Oh honey?




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