Instruction Manual for people falling in love.

I know by the time you would be reading this, you would already be in your flight, fixing your luggage and opening the window to see whether it’s still night or the clock has struck 6 am. When I met you, i honestly thought that as a writer I have met someone who is weird and not normal. Who would see the ceiling and dream about the same stuff just like how my heart wanted.

I believe we both loved chaos and the degree of love that we couldn’t handle. Love, honestly is too real for us to handle and even for any human being. That brings me back to our only conversation that i am going to write down here, which was about how there is a fine line between obsession, attachment and attraction. You, out of all, were a mixture of both. While my fingers are trembling while writing this down, I take a sip of coffee filled with tears because I can’t imagine you are the next soul who is going to go away from me.

While staying here, or say in love with few ladies, I have realized that sooner or later the muses are entitled to leave. I believe there voids are filled with words and hence no amount of love or happiness will ever be able to tell them that I as a poet lied. That pain is nothing but a state of illusion that writers love to be in. I guess it gives them a feeling of security that art is going to stay forever and humans won’t.

I know, the moment you would land in your hometown, my colleagues will get to know about the escapade we had every night and they would tease me just like my everyday muse that you went too far for my words can’t catch you now.

I can’t believe my tears haven’t stopped till now. Because honestly I have confessed it all. No, I was never in love with you. How can i ever be in love with the person who knew that my first kiss on her body would be at the place where she has been hurt the most?

Isn’t it too cliched to kiss a those places. For all I knew that you used to abuse substances like it was your favorite hobby. I wish Love wasn’t. While I use this word a lot, I want you to ponder over this letter and think of all the instances when our bodies collided, when our minds were one, when we discussed about laws and the modern world, were we really entwined?


What were we upto? because somehow you and I, we both knew that this is going to tell us that you are a perfect attachment to me so that I will soon be able to write more and be writing on a paper napkin, leaving words, perfect pieces of love and telling the world,

that Hey, after all emotions aren’t that complicated.

I believe by this minute, announcement has been made for tightening your seat belt.


You should leave, darling.

You might want to leave an instruction manual for people falling in love.


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