Are you my Introvert friend?

This might take sometime to register but I want you to sit and analyze every aspect of life. Of-course this is about friends, the cliched topic of our generation.

Mode of communication : Memes.

sounds strange when i mention “memes” as the new mode of communication but the sad part is that it is true. After reading this, you will probably find a meme for this and let me save you time by saying this that you won’t be able to find a meme for the words I am about to put out here.

I am not blaming you for not being invited at a house-party but aren’t you a big time introvert? I mean come on, who would want to talk to you and we hardy see you around.

Aren’t you alone? ( no they aren’t). Why do you have food alone ? ( Personal Space exists )

But do you really care or you are just going to let them be a part of your conversation with your friends enjoying with wine. This has nothing to do with any kind of depression or anxiety issues being responsible for spending alone time or having a face which won’t express emotions. Moreover, this doesn’t sound like a case of bullying ( Maybe it is ).

I still haven’t pointed out the modern day bullying. An act where one party often puts the fragile ego into words that might pull a person down. Funny how these words might hurt because we aren’t mentioning them anymore. You, you and yes you have turned into an introvert too when it comes to pointing out these details to yourself in the mirror too.

Trust me, I am laughing when I say this that you are the culprit here and they, the audience, they don’t need no sympathy. I am writing this probably because I am two quarters down and it is difficult to write the reality. But you have seen it. Aren’t you the one who would tell them thousand things and let them not get offended. Deep inside, you might mean it or maybe you didn’t. But “ Tu serious mat ho “.

I will clarify more on why they aren’t your priority anymore or why you don’t seem them around you. Why they reside in a shell and you sit with peace on the hill.

hello? hello? Can you hear me or are you remembering the last time you did something like this. I have no intention of letting you follow the path of the guilt or deny this passage where I state the realities. But I know how hard it is for them.

“I don’t get Positive Vibes”.

“Him/her? ” ” I will think about it”

” He is too boring ”

Phrases that would echo and reach to your heart because let’s face it. You have heard these a million times. I am not saying that at the end of the words that I am writing will have a conclusion. That will never happen. I can’t really point out the exact issue, the exact relation of how we talk less and tag more. Of how you are good at text and he isn’t.

For I know that hours from now, on your dining table at a party, 2 out of 3 will be trapped inside a phone. This is where it gets intense.

“Why are you so occupied?” He/she should be the one asking you the same question that what has made you so occupied that you keep moving from friend to friend. Please don’t tell me that you don’t like to stay and that you believe too much in wanderlust. That you were once bullied for believing that you like to travel. Also this passage is not about you and me. Let’s not argue on that?

I shall not wait for you to invite him for you know it by yourself that some aren’t the priority. That some will always be on the third place for they don’t really fit in.

Why would they? You haven’t allowed them to. Probably you won’t.

” Check out this meme? ” ” I tagged you ” and that will be it. This was your communication and hence I stop you from waving at him/her because at that single point of life, you will question yourself. Will they ever recognize you from a photograph as small as this communication. That you will ever be able to hold a conversation without alcohol to the stranger that always seemed curious.

Phone : Notification Alert : You have made a new friend.

Do you wish to continue it after making him/her vulnerable to every possibility of him/her going back to the shell. Being an introvert when he/she wasn’t. Being someone who he/she wasn’t?

” No.”

If you have reached here then please let yourself breathe and let words settle for once.




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