What is Modern Dating ?

I am not going to sum up what really is dating because probably you have an idea of what it is really and i believe we all have gone through this stage.But rather I will touch a little sensitive issue, not exactly an issue but rather a concern or a question which might be available on Quora as to what is modern dating?

As soon as I put down this word, a lot of thoughts occur to my mind and I can imagine what you are probably thinking while reading this.

Am i really going to mention the hook-up culture or the modern society where we don’t believe in the so called emotions?

I won’t mention it. So don’t stop reading now.

I know how your emotions are not safe in the body so you let it out as if it’s a garden to explore, picking your favorite flower and letting it reach to the death by the morning.Probably you will see the flower again and the petals mind remind you of how soft skin can occur to humans. You will visit this garden again. ( I am still talking about dating )

Recently, I met my friend and I asked him the same question. He couldn’t say anything.Simple reason being, it is tough to sum up as to what we have been doing. Finding replacement of the once upon a time – love that we had for someone or rather feelings. You weren’t dragged in this and I haven’t forced you to read this but as a matter of fact it is important for me to mention that you are now a part of this and the next set of words might state the current state of chaos that you live in.

So, I met him and he responded to me ¬†: “ Bro, chill scenes “.

I still am trying to understand the lines.

A : Because I have grown up by reading and watching pieces that depict emotions. That mean something

B : I was once a part of it.

What modern dating doesn’t involve is how you are naked in front of that one person that would matter everything to you. Why I am putting this into simple words is because I want the audience to relate to the words and not to mention you too.

You are not going to walk bridges and sit in a park.

Statutory Warning : Roaming around with a lover in open can cause love.

You are not going to invite them for dinner and why should you because lust my dear has taken over your mind. Where we stand, I believe it is the easiest situation to let yourself out without sheets  hiding you.

So you let your arms explore what your heart couldn’t. I believe that when you would wake up in the morning by that time, your scars will reply to every answer and the amount of alcohol will be translated to the pain hiding inside your heart.

I know you can’t be in your senses to perform acts that are highly dangerous for kids below 18 years. So you let yourself loose. Insanely.

I know you are getting the glimpses back of what happened “That” night. So,

  • Step 1 : Don’t confess what you feel
  • Step 2 : Pretend that you believe in what the other half would believe in
  • Step 3 : Never stop down if offered.
  • Step 4 : Never look back
  • Step 5 : Let it go with the flow.
  • Step 6 : There is no saturation level. It isn’t a real relationship.
  • Step 7 : Forget the meaning of words like : Care | Affection.
  • Step 8 : Don’t write letters or call for hours. You aren’t supposed to do that.
  • Step 9 : Don’t meet them for days . But when you do, propose your desires and not your emotions.
  • Step 10 : At last, invite them over to your place.

Now, Forget all these steps and take five seconds to read the title. Ask yourself where are you going with your decisions? Why are you constantly cheating with yourself and roaming.

I will never stop you from exploring men/women, finding love.

But stop for a minute and don’t play in a storm. Storms can destroy places.

And you my dear have narrow lanes of lust with lights of love, dim like your emotions.(When will I reach to the conclusion).

Actually, I won’t and I can’t. You see I know the real world and nobody is depressed here to be in or out of love. To remember the past lover or having a lover. You won’t be called a cliched.

But sometimes, only sometimes you might stand in front of the mirror and feel yourself that maybe you aren’t this skin. Maybe you aren’t this flesh. That maybe you consist of something else. That you actually want to look into someone’s eyes and wait for them to dream for you want to see how far they can take you away from a reality. That maybe you want to stand in a library hold your person and press your lips against them gently to let every page know that someday words won’t be capable of summing it up. That maybe there are laughs that need to be shared while you sip glasses with non-alcoholic beverage. That now you aren’t afraid to hold hands and confess that Yes, this person belongs to your thoughts.

At the end of the day we all are afraid of letting this happen. For it might destroy you and you might think, I just came out of a relationship, let me explore.

I urge you not to. Instead wait and be patient ( I wasn’t ) . But you can wait till the end of this blog and start believing a little more on what happens around us. That two people can love the same person. That this won’t be easy and you might have to express more. That you might have to confess everything that your words can’t.

Then, maybe then, you are allowed to date.


Artwork Courtesy : Artidote


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